History of the building


La Finca is family owned since the 1800s, this small building was the home of the Castilla family for decades, the walls that surround you, have been through the change of centuries and a long and dramatic civil war.

The family house built in stone had various bedrooms, all situated in the back and bar area of the restaurant, the sitting room was on the left side of the building, just under the air-conditioning unit and the kitchen was by the fire place. The kitchen was an oven where the family baked mostly bread. La Finca’s walls are decorated with some of the utensils used by our great grandparents.

La Finca belongs to cortijo El Diente, a plot of land, in between San Roque Club and Alcaidesa. Few know that not long ago all Alcaidesa, Sotogrande and Paniagua belonged to the same family.

Sotogrande was one of the largest plots of land owned by our family, known to the family as Paniagua, Sotogrande was sold before the Civil war and its name was changed from Paniagua to Sotogrande in 1959. Sotogrande as its name indicates was a large piece of flat land where our great grand parents grew rice.

The next part of the Land to be sold was Mesas del Diente now known as San Roque Club. In this part of the land our ancestors used to hunt deer, it is known that many centuries ago Lords from England would come to hunt in this area. Proof of this is “La Cruz del Ingles” (The Cross of the Englishman), a cross on the riverbed between El Diente and La Alcaidesa. History tells that an English Lord riding on his horse down back towards the beach after a long day of hunting was surprised by an amazing storm, water rushed down the mountain and caught the man by surprise. The cross still there today is a reminder of how misleading Spanish storms can be.

Finally the last part of the land to be sold in 1972 was Las Aguzaderas today known as La Alcaidesa. This part of the property stretched to the beach, the family would spend the summers on their private beach and bring their cattle to bathe in the Mediterranean waters.

Now all that is left is El Diente, a small part of the property, but many say the most beautiful of all, a gem to our past, present and future that will always stay in our Family.